Zanyar Adami is a dedicated storyteller that implements his passion for human rights in films, lectures, companies and books. Zanyar started his career in 2003 as a freelance journalist writing for the biggest Swedish newspapers.


In 2004 Zanyar founded the magazine Gringo, an independent magazine that was distributed as an inlay in Metro and had over a million readers. A professor in media from San Fransisco called Gringos world-unique distribution ”The Gringo Model” at a media conference in Paris. Zanyar won numerous prizes for Gringo. For instance he was the youngest ever to win Stora Journalistpriset as “the innovator of the year” in 2005.

Gringo grew to an enterprise with  25 employees and a turnaround of more than 20 million Swedish crowns, in three years. Zanyar was the CEO of the company that published two other magazines (Macho and Förort), a festival (Hoodsfred), a parade (Sverigeparaden), art exhibitions (Gringolandia), a film festival (Gringos film festival), several books (Ernesto Guerra), advertising campaigns (Spara 4 Life), Educational department (Zebra), and more.


In 2007 Zanyar decided to pursue his dreams of becoming a writer. He was published in three books in 2006-2008; Hållplats Livet, Våld till Vardags and Pittstim (which he als co-edited). Besides writing literature Zanyar wrote columns for magazines and lectured all over Sweden about diversity, gender and leadership.
In 2009 Zanyar founded Miklo together with his good friend Carlos Rojas, who also had been a key player in Gringo. Miklo is a consultingcompany that gathers information about the Swedish suburbs and diversity.


In 2010 Zanyar started focusing on his first film. The Guerilla Son is a personal feauture-length documentary that Zanyar directed together with David Herdies. It premiered in 2011 and was shown in six TV-channels (Al Jazeera etc.) and 15 festivals, winning several prizes. Zanyar also founded Momento Film together with David Herdies the same year.
In 2012 Zanyar left Momento Film and formed his own production company; Adami Films. He was also one of the initiators and the first chairman of Stockholm Kurdish Film Festival that was succesfully held in 2013.

In 2013 Adami Films released two films. The first, Svenne, a short fiction that Zanyar wrote and produced. The second is the short fiction film Krigsduvor that Zanyar wrote, directed and produced. Zanyar is currently developing two fiction films; Senses and Maryam.

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