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The first issue of Gringo came out as a monthly inlay in the Metro 23 August 2004. concept that as an independent journal distributed with a major newspaper was unique in the world and arrived in the research context that is called “The gringo model”. On Bastille Day 2005, the first issue of the thick magazine Gringo Grande out. The newspaper had time for three intense years winning several awards including the Grand Prize for Journalism on the ground, “with warmth and humor opens an arena for the young and multicultural Sweden, turning the suburb into the center and helps to journalism enriched both linguistically and factually.” Each month was read of the nearly one million Swedes. Gringo became a symbol of a new generation of Swedes and called themselves “Sweden’s most Swedish newspaper”. After the Sweden Democrats made ​​a rekordval in Skåne in 2006 moved Gringo editors to Landskrona where the magazine came out in a year in cooperation with Skanska Dagbladet.

Hoodsfred started as a meeting place for culture and inner city suburbs.

In 2005 Hoodsfred lasted for two days in Rinkeby with about 5000 visitors. 2006 the festival moved to Alby, lasted for three days and had 30,000 visitors, with artists like Petter and Veronica Maggio. Last year Hoodsfred in Kista and also the festival was well-attended.


Sweden The parade was first held on the first red National Day, 6 June 2006, the parade went from the National Museum to the stadium and 3,000 people went into the train.


An exhibition in collaboration with the People’s House & Parks touring around Sweden.


For three days took Gringo History Museum in Östermalm and showed suburban classics like Blood in Blood Out, Boys in the hood, and Scarface.


A magazine that was publishedas an inlay to the Klick! in Aftonbladet and also as an independent magazine.


Gringos educational department that hosted workshops and lectures on diversity for politicians, businesses and organizations.



Gringo published three books:

Ernesto Guerra - collected patches as a street poet Ernesto Guerra sat up all over the inner city.Högskolepepp

Högskolepepp - about the successfactors behind suburbians that choose higher education.

Survival kit- a gudiebok for school staff about diversity.


Gringo also operated as an advertising and helped players to reach out to “the million program.”. The largest campaign was Spara 4 Lifefor the insurance company Skandia who wanted to inform young people about retirement savings.