Hållplats Livet

EDITOR: Susanne Johansson | PRODUCTION YEAR: 2006 | PUBLISHER: Atlas | LANGUAGE: Swedish | PAGES: 223 |

In “Hållplats livet” 14 writers and 8 illustrators give their views on life’s big and small issues. It is a book to identify with, be inspired by and amazed by. In short, a book for anyone who ever wondered about the meaning of life.

Our society is spinning ever faster. We have more choices than ever and we can buy almost anything. The most luxurious brand bags and latest mobile phone is no longer just for the richest.
Meanwhile, the number of homeless people more, segregation increases, our concern for the crisis and war grows. Bookshops overflowing of popular psychology books that provide answers to how we deal with ourselves, our partners, careers and life. So how are we really?
The book’s themes: What is love, freedom or kvalfullhet?, Secure lives, happy lives?, Adult roles and parenting, Concern for tomorrow and Life takes time.



Lena Ackebo, Zanyar Adami, Mustafa Can, Inger Edelfeldt, Stefan Edman, Cissi Elwin, Dennis Eriksson, Ulf Frödin, Lars H Gustafsson, Nina Hemmingsson, Johan Hilton, Jenny Holmlund, Anneli Jordahl, Arja Kajermo, Anna Kåver, Ulf Lundqvist, Johan Nilsson, Merete Mazzarella, Karolina Ramqvist, Joanna Rubin Dranger, Jayne Svenungsson och Owe Wikström.