Våld till vardags

PRODUCTION YEAR: 2008 | PUBLISHER: Ordfront | LANGUAGE: Swedish | PAGES: 206 |

There are stories of women’s experience of male violence in everyday life. But rarely if ever do we hear men talk about it. Violence in everyday life wants to change that. It’s usually men who beat and it is usually women who suffer. When men are victims of violence they often do not identify themselves as victims. Many men might even prefer to see themselves as perpetrators, the strong man, the one in control. But if the man is the obvious perpetrator, how does it affect the person who is unable or unwilling to identify with such a role? And how big is really the responsibility of men? Violence is daily stories with men‘s thoughts about violence. It is about the violence in our midst, and about what it costs in suffering and money. The stories ask difficult but necessary questions about violence and how it is related to masculinity.


Zanyar Adami, Alexander Ahndoril, Gunnar Ardelius, René Vázquez Díaz, Lars Einar Engström, Rickard Flinga, Klas Hyllander, Peter Fröberg Idling, Lars Jalmert, Ulf Krook, Jens Liljestrand, Tom Malmquist, Niclas Nilsson, Mats Söderlund, Stefan Villkatt, Stefan de Vylder och Birger Östberg.