EDITORS: Zanyar Adami & Inti Chavez Perez | PRODUCTION YEAR: 2008 | PUBLISHER: Wahlström & Widstrand | LANGUAGE: Swedish | PAGES: 221 |
Pittstim – an anthology about pissbombs, forestporn and love wants to have a conversation about what it means to be male, and how different guys can be. 15 young men, some known, others unknown, write directly to the young Swedish guys on what terms, expectations and experiences that young guys carry around. It’s about violence, infidelity, crime, love, sexuality and shitty attitude to women. Here, both the nice guy and the prison sentenced tough guy, the politically engaged and the happy party sissy tell their stories. Everyone tells the truth about what they did and why. What unites them is their diversity and that they break taboos about what a good man is. For what is a man?



Axel Gordh Humlesjö

Donny Hedlund

Farao Groth

Dan Blomberg

Kristofer Folkhammar

Inti Chavez Perez

David Hanna

Andreas Gustavsson

Gustav Fridolin

Baris Kayhan

Zanyar Adami

Jon Jordås

Kalle Berggren

Andrev Bergström

Max Landegård



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