FORMAT: HD/HDV COLOUR/B&W: Colour LENGTH: 58/72 min . GENRE: Documentary/Drama PRODUCTION YEAR: 2011 LANGUAGE: Swedish/Kurdish PRODUCTION COMPANY: Momento Film
Zanyar Adami looks down at Bagdad from an airplane heading to Sweden. His mother is still down there at the airport. His father isn ́t even there to wave goodbye. At the time, Zanyar is only five years old.

23 years later Zanyar sits in his kitchen in a suburb of Stockholm. His father, Taher, sits in front of him. Any day now, Zanyar will become a father himself and he knows that he can’t wait anymore.

Taher Adami gets up every morning at dawn to drive his taxi in the streets of Stockholm. He does eve- rything he can to forget his past; the torture in prison, the murder of his brother, the shootings during his time in the guerilla. To keep away the memories he seeks refuge in music; he dances tango, plays the piano and sings. But he can ́t hide his past anymore. His coming grandson awakes memories and his son demands answers.


Zanyar Adami, Taher Adami, Foad Adami, Kazhal Adami, Latifeh Naderi


Director – David Herdies & Zanyar Adami

Producer – David Herdies
Cinematography – by Sophia Olsson, Loa Bie, Jörgen Lindskog & David Herdies
Editor – Bernhard Winkler & Erlend Kristoffersen
Composer – Richard Ekre Suzzi

Graphics – Igor Isaksson
Visual effects – Jonathan Knape, Filmic Art


Co produced with: Sveriges Television & Sant og Usant

Supported by: Swedish Film Institute, NRK, YLE, IKON, Nordisk Film & TV fund, Norwegian Film Institute,Film Stockholm, Konstnärsnämnden

Distribution: SVT Sales



Al Jazeera

IKON (Netherlands)

SVT (Sweden)

NRK (Norway)

YLE (Finland)

VRT (Belgium)


Nordic Panorama 2011 (Honorary mention – best Nordic documentary)

Prix Europa (3:rd best European documentary)

Duhok International Film Festival (Honorary Mention, Iraq),

Seminci Valladolid (In competition, Spain)

IF Istanbul (Turkey)

Nashville Film Festival (USA)

Oslo International Film Festival (Norway)

East End Film Festival (UK)

Salaam Filmfestival (Denmark)

Film Fra Sor (Norway)

London Kurdish Film Festival

Copenhagen Kurdish Film festival

Rome Kurdish Film festival